In-depth market knowledge is essential to position the business in the right segments for maximizing growth and profitability. Qualtran provides innovative marketing strategies encompassing the following :

Market & Customer Segmentation
  • Segmenting & choosing the attractive segments to
    compete effectively in the right space.
  • Targeting the right customers aligned best to the offer.
  • Understanding customer needs & priorities.
  • Articulating the customer value proposition
  • What benefits it provides to the customer
  • The basis of competing in the market.
  • How well it is differentiated versus competition.
Competition Analysis
  • Mapping the competitive playing field
  • Market share analysis & attractiveness index for a new player and the scope it offers for penetration/ consolidation.
Product Management
  • Rationalization of the product portfolio for a balanced matrix of market share and profitability.
  • Positioning of the products for different segments.
  • Examining need for new product introduction for bridging any market segment gaps.
Price Management
  • Providing customized price management tools to reveal untapped revenue potential.
  • Maximization of profits to foster sustainable growth.
Brand Strategy
  • Building the core Brand.
  • Rationalization of the brand portfolio.
  • Promotion plan encompassing brand building and enhancement.
  • Recommending advertising strategies and activities tailored to the targeted market segment.