Qualtran specializes in the field of Business Strategy assisting various organizations to build a winning strategy to gain leadership in the market. Strategy is about choices – it is a set of choices about what you will do, and what you will not do, so as to create a sustainable advantage over the competition. We help build the Business Strategy for the organization translating how your Vision will be achieved.
Where to Play
  • Begins with answering ‘Who is your customer’.
  • It defines the scope of your competitive field.
How to Win
  • Which differentiated strategies will be deployed to win in the marketplace.
  • Building the organization’s unique customer value proposition.
What capabilities must be in place
  • How will the various activities reinforce each other to deliver the strategy.
  • What new capabilities need to be developed.
  1. This is backed by a detailed analysis of:
  • Industry Structure & discontinuities thru the “Five Forces” framework
  • Competitive landscape including potential entrants
Establishing Systems and Structures
To truly win, we help organizations put in place structures aligned to the strategy as well as systems to communicate, support and measure the strategy.